vineri, 7 iunie 2013


I don't really know what to say or what to think! I don' even know what i really want... But i can tell you for sure that i want so bad to talk to you, to hold you, and to know that you are there for me... I want to tell you everything i feel...but i just can't do that! i want to feel your heart next to mine, feel your warm arms around me, and feel your soft lips touching mine...but... can we do that? Do you want that? Are you done waiting for things to happen? just make them happen! Cause I am so done waiting for you to realise that you want the same thing... I am tired to try to find my way to you... And it hurts so bad to not know where are we going from here... Tell me if you still know that i  am here for you every single day... i tried not to fell this way but I just can't... because i do feel! and it is killing me inside... to keep it from you...and everyone else... i just want to scream that i WANT TO BE WITH YOU! i want to be your everything... and i want to spend every day loving you... And then i don't know if I can do that! i just want to do something to feel better... I am so tired to care what everyone else wants, and says and for once i just want to care what i want and what you want!

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